Things we want you to know

The International Travel Monthly Pass may be cancelled at any time by dialing 611 domestically or +1-865-777-8484 internationally, a free call from a UScellular wireless phone. Day Passes reset at midnight Central Time in the U.S. regardless of the local time in your destination; any usage of data, voice or text after midnight Central Time in the U.S. will invoke another Day Pass. Day Pass or Monthly Pass not available for international use aboard cruise ships. Country availability and rates are subject to change without notice. Day or Monthly Passes apply to your domestic plan allotment. If the domestic plan allotment is exceeded, then you will be charged for an additional plan allotment as you would in the U.S. UScellular per-minute rates are subject to change without notice and do not apply to UScellular's Prepaid service. Data services may be suspended after incurring $120 in data overage charges. UScellular reserves the right to interrupt or discontinue services due to suspected fraud or abuse. Data may be temporarily slowed in times of congestion and data may be slower than other traffic. The Day or Monthly Pass offers data speeds max of 3Mbps in Canada and Mexico, and up to 1.5Mbps everywhere else on the Global Day or Monthly Pass; video streaming at SD quality (about 480p). Actual speed varies by device and location. Service usage charges will vary according to your price plan. You understand that Service may be interrupted or unavailable due to atmospheric or topographical conditions, governmental regulations or orders, device technology limitations or system capacity limitations. Representations of coverage by UScellular or its agents are not guaranteed. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. © UScellular