Accessibility & Hearing Aid Compatibility

UScellular™ is committed to offering the latest technology to its customers with disabilities and providing accessible services and device options. We understand that your phone is a lifeline to your friends and family, and if you utilize a hearing aid, you need the most compatible device possible. So we offer numerous phones that meet your specific needs in addition to this page to help answer any of your questions. If you have any additional questions, please visit a store near you or call 1-888-944-9400.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has wireless handset hearing aid compatibility requirements. These requirements deal with handset operations near hearing aids which operate in either acoustic coupling or inductive coupling mode.

Hearing aids operating in acoustic coupling mode receive and amplify all signals, such as a telephone audio signal, as well as unwanted ambient noise. Hearing aids operating in inductive coupling mode avoid amplifying unwanted ambient noise by turning off the microphone and using a telecoil to receive only audio signal based magnetic fields generated by telecoil compatible telephones.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established technical standards to measure wireless phone handsets for "compatibility" with acoustic and inductive hearing aids and have been adopted by the FCC. These standards are known as Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) ratings.

An "M" rating measures compatibility with acoustic hearing aids while a "T" rating measures compatibility with induction hearing aids. So the higher the number (e.g., M3, M4 etc.) the more compatible the handset. Generally, handsets rated "M3" or "T3" by ANSI or better are considered compliant with FCC requirements.

Acoustic Hearing Aids

  • M3-rating indicates the handset has satisfied the ANSI standard
  • M4-rating indicates the handset has exceeded the ANSI standard

Induction Hearing Aids

  • T3-rating indicates the handset has satisfied the ANSI standard
  • T4-rating indicates the handset has exceeded the ANSI standard

UScellular-Compatible Phones and Devices

We strive to make the phone selection process for our customers with hearing aids as easy as possible. UScellular categorizes phones into three different categories based on their levels of functionality: Basic Phones, Android™, and Apple® iOS®.


These are voice and data-capable wireless devices (i.e. converged) that integrate voice calling, email access (corporate and personal), web browsing and PIM (calendar, contacts, tasks) all in one device. These devices use Google's Android™ operating system. For additional information on accessibility solutions in the Android marketplace for persons with disabilities, please visit

Apple® iOS®

These are voice and data-capable wireless devices (i.e. converged) that integrate voice calling, email access (corporate and personal), web browsing and PIM (calendar, contacts, tasks) all in one device. These devices use Apple's iOS operating system. For questions regarding accessibility on an iPhone®, please see:

Basic Phones

Basic phones are those that are primarily used for voice calls and texts.

  • Hearing Aid Compatibility

    Below is a list of UScellular devices and their hearing aid compatibility (HAC) rating

Updated: September 28, 2021

Device Model FCC ID HAC Rating
Apple® iPhone® 13 A2482 BCG-E3997A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 mini A2481 BCG-E3994A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 Pro A2483 BCG-E4000A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 Pro Max A2484 BCG-E4003A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 A2172 BCG-E3542A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 mini A2176 BCG-E3539A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 Pro A2341 BCG-E3545A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 Pro Max A2342 BCG-E3548A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® SE A2275 n/a M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11 A2111 BCG-E3309A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11 Pro A2160 BCG-E3305A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11 Pro Max A2161 BCG-E3306A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® X A1865 BCG-E3175A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® XR A1984 BCG-E3220A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® XS A1920 BCG-E3218A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® XS Max A1921 BCG-E3219A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 8 A1863 BCG-E3159A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 8 Plus A1864 BCG-E3160A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 7 A1660 BCG-E3085A M3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 6s A1633 BCG-E2946A M3/T4
Google Pixel 4 G020I A4RG020I M3/T3
Google Pixel 4 XL G020J A4RG020J M3/T3
Google Pixel 4a G025J A4RG025J M3/T3
Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL G013A A4RG013A M3/T3
Google Pixel 3a G020G A4RG020G M3/T3
Google Pixel 3a XL G020C A4RG020C M3/T3
LG G8 ThinQ™ ZNFG820UM LMG820UM3 M4/T3
LG K40 LM-X420QM ZNFX420QM M3/T3
LG K8s LM-X220QM ZNFX220QM M3/T3
LG K8x LM-K300UM ZNFK300UM M3/T3
LG K8+ (2018) LM-X210ULM ZNFX210ULM M4/T3
LG Stylo 4 LM-Q710ULM ZNFQ710US M4/T3
LG V40 ThinQ™ V405UA ZNFV405UA M4/T3
LG V60 ThinQ™ LM-V600TM ZNFV600TM M3/T3
LG X Venture US701 ZNFUS701 M3/T3
Motorola Moto e6 XT2005-5 IHDT56YA2 M3/T3
Motorola Moto e5 Play XT-1921-1 IHDT56XC1 M3/T4
Motorola Moto e XT2052-1 IHDT56YQ1 M4/T3
Motorola Moto G Play (2021) XT2093-4 IHDT56ZD4 M3/T3
Motorola Moto G Power (2021) XT2117-4 IHDT56YL1 M3/T3
Motorola Moto G Power XT2041-4 IHDT56YL1 M3/T3
Motorola Moto G Stylus (2020) XT2043-4 IHDT56YN1 M3/T3
Motorola Moto G7 Play XT-1952-4 IHDT56XR1 M3/T3
Motorola Moto G6 Play XT-1922-9 IHDT56XB1 M3/T3
Motorola Moto Z3 Play XT-1929-4 IHDT56XE1 M4/T4
Samsung Galaxy A02s SM-A025U ZCASMA025U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A10e SM-A102U A3LSMA102U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115U ZCASMA115U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125U A3LSMA125U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205U A3LSMA205U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215U ZCASMA215U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326U A3LSMA326U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505U A3LSMA505U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516U A3LSMA516U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G SM-A526U A3LSMA526U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G SM-A715U A3LSMA716U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy J3 Aura SM-J337R4 A3LSMJ337R4 M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy J7 Aura SM-J737R4 A3LSMJ737R4 M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note9 SM-N960U A3LSMN960U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note10 SM-N970U A3LSMN970U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ SM-N975U A3LSMN975U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G SM-N981U A3LSMN981U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U A3LSMN986U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U A3LSMG981U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986U A3LSMG986U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988U A3LSMG988U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 10 SM-G973U A3LSMG973U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 10+ SM-G975U A3LSMG975U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 10e SM-G970U A3LSMG970U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 9 SM-G960U A3LSMG960U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 9+ SM-G965U A3LSMG965U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 8 SMG950U A3LSMG950U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 8+ SM-G955U A3LSMG955U M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro SM-G715U1 A3LSMG715U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SM-F711U A3LSMF711U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F926U1 A3LSMF926U1 M3/T3
Basic Phones
ANS F30 F30US 2ALZM-F30 M4/T4
Kyocera DuraXA E4510 V65E4520 M4/T4
LG Wine® 2 LTE LM-Y120UM ZNFL125DL M3/T3
LG Wine® LTE UN220 ZNFUN220 M3/T4
Sonim XP3 XP3800 WYPPC2223 M3/T4
TCL A30 5102L 2ACCJH131 M3/T3
TCL Flip 4056L 2ACCJN048 M3/T3

New Technologies

Devices with new technologies may not yet be tested for hearing aid compatibility. Those devices will be labeled with the following information:

Hearing loss and hearing aids are highly individualized, so if you use a hearing aid we invite you to try hearing aid compatible phones at any UScellular owned and operated stores.

For more information about mobile devices and innovative ways to communicate, especially for people who may have a disability, please visit the FCC's Accessibility Clearinghouse at or, a CTIA-The Wireless Association® and wireless industry created website designed to help people with disabilities, seniors and their families to find a cell phone and service.

For information regarding hearing aid-compatible and non-hearing aid-compatible devices, please visit,

To learn more about the wireless hearing aid compatibility rules and service providers' obligations, please reference the FCC web page at: