Dear UScellular Customer,

As your wireless carrier, we are committed to delivering uninterrupted service. We want to let you know the global cellular industry is undergoing network changes that will affect the service on your 3G phone line. While the 3G network has met customer needs for years, it is now being replaced by 4G and 5G networks. Throughout 2022, many carriers will continue to retire their 3G networks.

At UScellular®, we are committed to supporting your needs and we will be the last large carrier to shut down its 3G network. However, as other carriers shut down their networks, you may experience a decline in service when you travel outside of your local area and roam on another carrier's network. This is because no carrier offers blanket nationwide 3G service.

As carriers begin to shut down 3G towers, the following features will decline:

  • No calling, texting, and data usage when roaming: Depending on where you are in another carrier's coverage map, your phone may simply stop functioning for any features requiring cell coverage. Wi-Fi would continue to be available.
  • No 911 or other emergency calls when roaming: With the loss of cell coverage, you may not be able to call 911 or roadside assistance.
  • No or slow data: Uploading and downloading will become slower (comparable to dial-up) or stop completely in BOTH roaming and UScellular service areas.
  • What this means for you:
    To ensure uninterrupted service now and in the future, you will need to upgrade your phone. We know this may be a difficult change for you, so we're working to ensure this transition is as hassle-free as possible.

    To help with this change, we want to give you an option that works for you.
    Choose from one of the phones below to order and have shipped to you. Just call 888-558-2215 to purchase. Your selected device will be sent to you via free ground shipping.

    Full Price $14.99

    Full Price $14.99

    Full Price $9.99

    Thank you for being part of the UScellular community. You're not just a customer to us — you're a neighbor, too. Your experience and safety are of the utmost importance and we're here to help every step of the way because your satisfaction is what matters most.


    Your UScellular Customer Service Team
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